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studio syn_ is a Paris and London based photography and videography duo focused on creative and progressive visual concepts in the fashion segment.
syn_, short for synergy, is a pseudonym for the artists:

Lia v. Buddenbrock and Fabian Blaschke. Their work stands apart through their contrasting female and male aesthetic. Despite the mostly raw visual tone of the imagery, a distinguished emotional charge is always present in their work.
The couple plays with mixed media and unconventional solutions, therefore, challenges existing rules and finds new ways of expression by uncommon interaction with the subject.

Modern fashion imagery embraces more than the classic still image. Boundaries are melting, old and new are moving closer together. Still-image translates into moving image. A new generation of aesthetics and approach allows one to dream and explore in different ways, with various mediums - some old and dear some new and current - playing with emotions and collective memory - creating pieces that create a response.