Lia v Buddenbrock and Fabian Blaschke's video and photo work “Change is the only constant” is an emotional collage piece that samples many different memories and feelings the couple has lived through themselves in the course of their relationship and works with the idea of "Five Stages of Love".

Merge, Doubt & Denial, Disillusionment, Decision and concluding in Wholehearted Love.

The video piece shows fragments of different storylines, using real-life filmed material from the last six years, as well as staged material to emphasise the storyline. They guide the viewer through an abstract audio and video experience, following the beginning of the couple's experiences of a long-distance relationship through the later stages of their journey.

The accompanying photo series brings together stills from the moving image material and additional works by the artist duo. The pictures are arranged in a layout to create context with each, each page representing one chapter of the "Five Stages of Love".

The piece highlights the fragility of modern human connection but equally emphasises the emotional closeness between partners even in challenging settings.
Press on the frame to play the video